Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What About BOB?

BOB - Body Opponent Bag.  Available from Century Martial Arts.

BOB is my training partner when I train at home. BOB can be seen here in his Florida training attire.  I really enjoy training with BOB as he is the most forgiving training partner possible. He never complains when I accidentally hit him instead of performing a controlled "kime" technique.  He trains tirelessly and is always ready for more training when I am. 

There are many ways to practice with BOB.  He enjoys being punched and kicked from virtually any angle and with any technique I can think of.

BOB provides hours of training entertainment.

He doesn't even mind if I practice full contact Kobudo techniques with him.  I do refrain from poking him with sai or cutting him with Kama. That would be just plan mean, and he wouldn't be around to train for very long.

I would highly recommend BOB for anyone looking for a great personal training partner.

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