Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Try this at Home!

Here are 3 ways to practice your kata today...First pick a kata to find a good place with enough room...

1. Graceful. Do the kata slow motion, almost Tai Chi like. Coordinate your breaths with the movement. Don't force the power. Don't use your shoulders to make the power in your punches. Just coordinate the top and bottom halves of your body through the connection in your center. Don't stop and go, stop and go....just flow. Relax. Let your bones align in an arched way. Don't lock your joints at the end of each technique. Slide your feet. Move naturally from one stance to the next. Let your technique and your step happen at the same time.

2. Powerful. Tuck your koshi. Now Keep it tucked. Squeeze a little tension into your lats. Don't make them tight, just a tire. Now start your first movement in the kata. Step to the halfway point. Squeeze your koshi down tight. Compress your hips in the opposite direction to where you are stepping. Connect your elbow to your lats. At the same time bring your hikite hand into the center near your other arm. Squeeze everything a little tighter. Feel like your center is like a big spring. Like a car spring. Strong and hard to squeeze, but bound to release a lot of energy when it does release. Squeeze a little tighter. Now let the spring release and move to the end of the technique. Let the strike happen with all the power of the spring releasing. Don't let the spring completely un-spring, though. Start again at the beginning of this paragraph for the next move and repeat.

3. Speedy. Get ready to begin the kata convinced that you will move quicker from one move to the next than you ever have before...convinced that your punches will be faster than Bruce Lee's...that your kicks will be like lightning. Now, do the first move. Don't wind your techniques up or make any wasted motion. Just fire your punch out at the same time as you step. Get to the end of the technique fast, recover and move on to the next technique. Transition quickly from one move to the next. Don't worry too much about making power or looking graceful, just be fast.

Have fun!

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D said...

Thanks Sensei. I've definitely noticed that stopping in the middle of a technique and concentrating on connection really helps in the long run.
I'll try this when I do kata at home :)