Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Training Diary

Every karateka should keep a training journal.  I was reading through mine this morning. My first entry is from April 1996.  I wish I would have kept a journal before then, but at least I have tried to keep one since then.  Anyway, it's very enlightening to go back and see where I was at in my training along the way since then.

My first entry began   "Steve Harless decided to close the Dojo this month. It was a very strange moment in my Karate journey..."

I guess that was a good time to start keeping a journal, because my karate journey (and life)  has sure gone a lot of places since then.  

Most of my entries are about special trainings or seminars I attended, but some are just about other, non-karate events in my life.  Every event has helped shape my karate training and teaching through the years. Every time I open it and read an entry I re-learn something I had forgotten.

If you don't already keep a training journal, you should start today.

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