Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Training While on Vacation

Training while on it worth it?

For some people, vacation is down time--kick back in the hotel the tube (what are we going to call it now that there is no longer a tube involved?) Some like to visit all the tourist attractions; the zoo, the theme park, the mall, etc. Others like to sit on the beach and tan or take a hike to a waterfall. I personally like to do all of these things.

I also like to train while I'm on vacation.

You may ask; "You're on vacation, why would you want to train?" It's a valid question.

Here are some of my reasons:
  • If I'm staying in a hotel, there's most likely a great full length mirror to practice in front of. With a mirror I can practice and get instant input on my technique.
  • Many hotels have exercise facilities. These make great places to train while on vacation. I like to choose a time when not too many people are there so I don't have to engage in conversation about mixed martial arts, Bruce Lee, Karate Kid, or answer that age old rhetorical question; "Have you ever had to use it"?
  • When I'm on vacation, I actually have less distractions and more down time.  These make for great times to try out the latest koshi principle while the family debates their attire for the day.
  • Often, there is a Dojo nearby where I'm vacationing.  With a little research and advance planning, I can often find someone to train with. 
  • Usually, my vacations include an outdoor component. Since I love the outdoors, training next to a lake, on the beach, or in the woods is a great way for me to enjoy nature and train at the same time.  This also has the added bonus of providing me different kinds of terrain and obstacles.  Trees make excellent training partners, too! Again, I try to find an inconspicuous time and place to avoid observers.
So, is it worth it to train when you're on vacation? You decide :)

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