Saturday, December 18, 2010

Special Training and Promotions 12-11-2010

This special training was indeed special.  Not so much beause of the content of the training, or the appearance of special guests from far away, but rather because we celebrate 5 years together as a club, and because one of our members did his promotion demo for Shodan.

Congratulations to everyone and especially Joey for his Shodan demo.  Very nicely done! Remember, Shodan is just your first step in Karate. Enjoy beginning again!

It was also a bit of a sad occasion as we remembered our training partner and my assistant instructor, Carol, who passed away earlier this year.  She has been sorely missed this year, and has left a hole that is hard to fill.

Thanks everyone for 5 great years! Let's continue our journey together for as long as we all can continue to train!

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Michael said...

Sweet! Congrats everyone. Sure miss you all, especially Carol.