Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special Training Feb 27, 2010

Paris Janos Sensei from Panama City, FL was our special guest instructor for special training on Saturday, Feb 27, 2010.

Training with Janos Sensei is always fun and a great learning experience for everyone. His sense of humor keeps it light, while his mastery of karate and koshi keeps it real!

We worked on a number of topics including Naihanchi, Pinan, Kishaba No Sai, and Shuji Nu Kun. As is typical with special training, we didn't work through many kata, but rather focused intensely on the kata that we did work on. Today's focus was all about gamanku and squeezing our lats down on the side we are moving on in the kata. In both the sai and bo work, we focused on keeping the weapons close to our body and making sure to always point the "business end" in the right direction.

After our 3 hour workout, we had Kyu promotion demos and were treated to some excellent performances of kata and kumite technique from our students.

Hibachi dinner and Orion beer at Japanica restaurant made the day complete!

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