Monday, July 27, 2009

Cleaning my Garage

My Garage was my Dojo for many years.

Through the years, I trained alone and with others in my garage in the sweltering heat of North Florida Summer and the damp cold of Winter. I worked hard to always keep it clean enough to train in despite the ever increasing number of things I accumulated over the years. I added mirrors, got interlocking mats so I didn't have to train directly on the floor, and added other training devices. It was my haven for daily karate training.

Since I started Tallahassee Karate Club at North Florida Aikido, my garage Dojo has gone largely unused and the junk has accumulated more than ever.

As I approach my 47th birthday, I believe it's time to get my garage Dojo ready for personal training once again.

Making room for personal karate training requires discipline, time, effort, and perseverence, but what worthwhile things in life don't?

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