Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Less is More

I live in the fast paced world of today just like most of you who are reading this. I have bought in to instant gratification, the latest new technology, and I have been easily swayed by fads. And, like many people, I am realizing as I age and gain some wisdom that, the more of these things I strive for, the less satisfaction I have.

This is why my favorite mantra is "Less is More." If I think it or say it to myself at just the right time it can be wonderful!

I'm out to lunch with folks from work. I want to eat the double patty, three-cheese, angus burger, super fries and hand-dipped neopolitan shake. Then I notice the grilled chicken salad and I say to myself "less is more" and I make the right choice.

I'm at Best Buy and that gift card I got for Christmas is burning a hole right through my Levi's. I see the new Bose sound dock speakers and think, wow, my ipod will sound great with these. Then I see the price...significantly more than my gift card is worth. So I think, "Less is more", and I put the card back in my wallet for another day.

I'm at the Dojo practicing kata. I have 18 or more empty hand kata and a number of weapons kata to practice. I have enough time to go through them all once--maybe twice. But, instead I choose to practice just Naihanchi with intension and intensity.

Try it yourself! Less is More!

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