Saturday, October 06, 2007

Other Okinawan Weapons

Along with the Bo and Sai, we also practice Nunchaku, Tonfa and Kama.

Note: Kama practice is reserved advanced students only due to the danger inherent in its practice.

Rokushaku Bo

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We also practice Bo.

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The sai is one Okinawan weapon that we practice at Tallahassee Karate Club.

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Almost Green Belts

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This picture is of 2 students practicing prearranged sparring technique in order to prepare for their green belt test.

It is very important to practice a variety of sparring techniques in order to learn about distance, timing and use of power.

Beginning students practice prearranged sparring technique often and learn to focus techniques at a safe distance from their training partner. As they advance, the focus distance becomes smaller because the student learns to control the technique.

Safety is always the primary concern whenever practicing any sparring technique.


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I attended the 3rd annual Tallahassee Asian Festival on Saturday, Sept 29, 2007.

The festival is held in the downtown Tallahassee parks. This was the biggest one so far with more martial arts demos than ever before.

There were Tai Chi, Karate, Naginata, Arnis, and Kung Fu demos. Lot's of fun!

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