Wednesday, November 15, 2006

July Special Training 2006 - 1

July Special Training 2006 - 1
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We had our 2nd special training in July. Unfortunately, no one was able to make it from out of town this time, but we still had an excellent training.

Here we are working on Suji No Kon, a Yamane Ryu bo kata. We practice bo kata as a basic exercise because it is an excellent compliment to the empty hand kata and also assists the new student with learning the Intricacies of body dynamics so crucial to our style of karate.

Notice the TV in the background. Besides the wall of mirrors, this was probably the 2nd most important piece of training equipment in the Dojo. We spent many evenings after class watching performances of different Sensei doing the kata and techniques we were practicing during class...No Dojo should be without a TV/VCR/DVD player.

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