Tuesday, November 14, 2006

April Special Training - Hal Doing the Koshi Twist

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Here's a picture of Sensei Hal Clarendon twisting his koshi around very tightly before letting go with a powerful technique.

Sensei Hal loves Fukyugata Ichi and spent considerable time at the April special training working with us on this kata and his interpretations of koshi motion within it.

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hal clarendon said...

Hi from omaha: It has been a year since I left florida, and memories of our last training at your dojo are among the best I have in thirty years of training with Sensei Harless and Sensei Janos. I have been fortunate to find them long ago, and a few good students here, trying to build a club at the university of nebraska. We have trained in snow, cold, mostly outdoors. Still, our karate is a lifetime of joy. I never do a kata that I do not think of Steve, Paris, Bill, Chris, and George; since all the memories come alive through the kata. I only wish I could come back to train, see you all again. I am just grateful for the time we spent together, especially our last training, when many students from long ago appeared. I am also grateful to be part of a tradition that goes back a long long way. And I am as happy as a clam doing mostly first kata again. As Shinzato sensei once said, "It is all same thing!" Hal Clarendon