Sunday, November 12, 2006

First Special Training

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We had our fist special training in April 2006.

Special trainings have always been defining moments in my martial arts experience. They are times for people to get together for an intensive and unique training experience.

For this particular training we were fortunate to have several guest instructors:

Sensei Steve Harless, my first Kishaba Juku instructor, worked with us on Naihanchi. Sensei Hal Clarendon, one of Sensei Steve's senior students, worked with us on Fukyugata Ichi. And Bill Mitman, a long time friend and martial arts training partner, worked with us on Tai Chi.

This is a picture of Sensei Steve demonstrating a technique with me.

I posted a longer entry about special trainings on Charles Goodin's blog. Check it out at:

Special Training Post

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